Video of Whoops Trail Ride


Today I am taking a break from talking about real estate news and homes for sale in Bend and Central Oregon to share a video about one of the things that makes living in Central Oregon great.  Mountain biking.  For all you mountain bikers out there, here is a cool video of a ride on Whoops Trail.  The video was shot in 2008 and was directed by Len Stryker one of the owners of Cog Wild Bicycle Tours in Bend and produced by a local mountain biking celebrity Kirt Voreis.  There are some great riders in this video doing things that novices should not attempt.  None the less it makes me want to get out and try it.  Enjoy.

Local Motion from remer on Vimeo.

If you don’t know where Lower Whoops trail is, here is a link to a pretty comprehensive list of mountain bike trails in Central Oregon with maps and directions to get there.  The link is also on our website in case you lose track of it.



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