First Annual Central Oregon Beer Week

Central Oregon’s craft beer brewers have been getting a lot of attention lately.  From The New York Times, American Craft Beer, USA Today, The Oregonian and The New York Times again.  What better way to celebrate the booming industry of craft brewing than to devote a whole week to it?  That is just what the thirteen […]

Bend’s Ale Trail Makes National News

A March 16 article in USA Today about tourists being drawn to distilleries and breweries gives a couple paragraphs to Bend’s Ale Trail and Boneyard Beer.  That is fantastic publicity for the Ale Trail and Bend itself as USA Today has over 3.1 million readers.  The excerpt below mentions that all of the breweries are within […]

Homeowner Associations and Foreclosures

I came across an article about homeowners associations foreclosing on their constituent’s homes.  This is especially relevant in Bend because there are so many subdivisions that have homeowners associations (HOA’s).  Nationwide, one in five homeowners (24.4 million homes) is subject to the rules of a HOA.   More than 80% of the homes being built today will […]