How To Influence Sellers in a Multiple Offer Situation

For most of the last year in Bend, Oregon the real estate market has favored sellers because the number of homes for sale has been so low.  This is called a seller’s market and in a seller’s market good homes often receive multiple offers within a short time after being listed.  Multiple offers are great […]

What You Should Know About a Home Before You Buy It

There are some very important things that every buyer should know about a home before signing on the dotted line.  Most people, real estate agents included, think a professional inspection and an appraisal will uncover everything you need to know about a house.  While we agree that no home should be bought without an appraisal […]

House Flipping: Get an Inspection

When house prices are rising flipping houses becomes more popular to investors.  Lately at Preferred Residential we are seeing more real estate investors coming into the real estate market with the intent of flipping.  House flipping is defined as buying and selling a property within a six month period. There are some inherent dangers in […]