Remington Ranch Destination Resort for Sale

Update 3/12/13:  We have received marketing information regarding the sale of Remington Ranch Desitination Resort.  This is not comprehensive due diligence information but general information regarding the original project.  Included in the packet are photos, maps, offering terms, project summary, property fact sheet, entitlements, golf course information, and an outline of infrastructure and existing improvements.  Investors […]

Remington Ranch Resort for Sale

One of the biggest resort failures in Oregon as a result of the Great Recession is Remington Ranch.  The 2,000+ acre, partially developed resort, is back on the market at the drastically reduced price of $5 million. The original developers had planned for and secured permission to build three golf courses, 800 homes and 400 guest units.  They only managed […]

More Foreclosed Homes in Bend’s Future?

Where are we at with this whole foreclosure mess?  That seems to be the million dollar question lately.  Last year (2011) we saw a 39 percent reduction in the number of foreclosure filings in Oregon from 2010 which for now has been the peak year of foreclosure activity.  So does that mean we are out […]