House Flipping: Anti-Flipping Rule Suspended Through 2014

The real estate investment strategy of flipping houses recently received good news in the form of the FHA continuing the suspension of their anti-flipping rule through December 2014. The rule, originally enacted in 2003, was written to curb the practice of flipping houses by preventing the FHA from insuring mortgage loans on homes that were […]

How the “Fiscal Cliff” Bill Affects Home Owners

Lost in our collective sigh of relief that the “Cliff” was avoided and all the political gnashing of teeth has been the actual contents of the bill and how it affects us.  More specifically, how it affects home owners. The big win for home owners was that the mortgage interest deduction was left untouched.  Many of […]

Vacation Home Sales on the Rise and Closer to Home

Central Oregon has long been a premier vacation destination and by extension a desirable location to own a vacation home.  The climate and abundant outdoor activities have been drawing vacationers for decades.  In the late 1960’s and ’70s the construction of Sunriver, Seventh Mountain, and Black Butte Resorts provided the perfect platforms for people to buy vacation homes.  These vacation communities were […]

Investment and Vacation Home Sales on the Rise

The National Association of Realtors recently released results of their 2012 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey.  It was a voluntary survey of more than 2,200 home purchases completed in 2011.  The results show that sales of existing and new homes in 2011 for investment and second home purposes rose to the highest level since […]

Mixed Signals for Housing Market, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the negative signals coming from the housing market.  Those signals include the expectation that banks will repossess more than 1 million homes in 2012, news that housing prices ended 2011 at their lowest point since February 2003 and an amazing estimate that there are still more than 10 million homes with negative equity.  […]

Fewer First-Time Buyers in 2011

Last year first-time home buyers accounted for 50 percent of all homes purchased.  In 2011 their share of the market has fallen to 37 percent which is close to the historical average of four out of every 10 buyers according to the National Association of Realtors.  Is the lack of a First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, which […]

Mortgage Interest Deduction On Its Way Out?

  It appears that ending the mortgage interest tax deduction is being discussed in Washington as a way to reduce the budget deficit.  The mortgage interest deduction allows homeowners to lower tax bills by deducting interest on home mortgages from their taxable income. Interest on up to $1 million in mortgages on first and second […]