Looking to Buy a Home? Plan on Owning it

Buying a home sets the stage for owning it and as obvious as that might seem, many home buyers fail to recognize it.  They get caught up in the excitement of buying a home and don’t consider their long term needs and goals as part of the home buying process.  As a result, they often […]

Mixed Signals for Housing Market, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the negative signals coming from the housing market.  Those signals include the expectation that banks will repossess more than 1 million homes in 2012, news that housing prices ended 2011 at their lowest point since February 2003 and an amazing estimate that there are still more than 10 million homes with negative equity.  […]

Destination Resort: Brasada Ranch

The newest resort in Central Oregon is Brasada Ranch.  Built buy Jeld-Wen Development, Inc. near Powell Butte in 2007, the ranch was originally intended as an exclusive luxury home and golf resort.  However, the economy didn’t cooperate and Jeld-Wen decided (or was forced) to sell the resort to Northview Hotel Group in November of 2010.  Northview […]