Should I Sell Or Rent My Home?

Your current home is the first home you ever purchased but you are ready to move up to something a little more “comfortable” and now you wonder, “Should I sell my home or rent it?”  Here are some things to consider when searching for an answer to this question. Would the listing description for your house be […]

Mistakes Borrowers Make After Applying for a Mortgage

Getting approved for a mortgage is no small feat these days.  At times it can feel like you have to jump through one hoop after another, chasing down bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns and even copies of deposited checks. All that paperwork is vital to getting approved for a mortgage but once you are […]

How Much Can I Qualify For?

How much a borrower can qualify for when buying a home in Bend, Oregon is primarily determined by the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and the loan program used to finance the home purchase. DTI ratio is a measurement, expressed as a percentage, of your eligible gross income that goes towards paying the housing principal, interest, taxes […]

Listing Your Home For Sale With An Assumable Mortgage

When listing your house for sale, the real estate agents at Preferred Residential try to think of every little thing that sets your home apart from all the others on the market.  Is there outdoor living space with a fire pit and gas plumbed to the BBQ?  Does it have a tankless water heater?  Is […]

After You Apply for a Mortgage, Do Not…

….assume that you are in the clear and can do whatever you want with your finances.  Ask any mortgage lender and they can tell you stories about borrowers who have had their loan closings delayed or even terminated because they thought the lender wouldn’t look at what happens to their finances going forward from the application.  Here […]

How we Decide Which Mortgage Lenders to Recommend

Inside Mortgage Finance recently published the results of their study regarding the role real estate agents play in determining who their clients use to obtain a mortgage.  The survey, Key Factors in the Referral of Homebuyers to Mortgage Originators, found that in approximately one third of all real estate transactions involving a mortgage, the homebuyers relied on their […]