Homes Sold December 2013

Steady as she goes for the Central Oregon real estate market. Steady as she goes seems to be the theme of the Central Oregon real estate market this winter.  We aren’t seeing any major moves in home prices or inventory but uncertainty with mortgage interest rates could factor into the market equation over the next […]

Homes Sold November 2013

Update on November home sales activity in the Bend, Oregon real estate market The number of homes for sale in Bend is still reflecting gains made in the spring despite the seasonal decline.  Inventory is currently sitting 18 percent above where it was at this time last year with 1,794 homes for sale.  If we […]

Homes Sold October 2013

The fall season appears to be business as usual for real estate in Central Oregon   We continued to see a downward trend in real estate activity during October.  Sales fell 10.5 percent in October to the same level of home sales in October 2012.  Interestingly, the 396 homes sold last October was actually a […]

Homes Sold September 2013

  Both inventory and sales pulled back in September which was not a surprise as it happens almost every year.  Usually it begins in August with the low point coming in February.  This year we didn’t see signs of a seasonal decline until September which any other year would be encouraging news for the Bend […]

Homes Sold August 2013

  Inventory continues to improve in the Bend and Central Oregon real estate markets. The Bend real estate market has favored home sellers recently because there have been relatively few homes for sale.  That has left buyers with few homes to choose from and even caused bidding.  Those days may be coming to an end. […]

Homes Sold July 2013

The Central Oregon real estate market was a bit of surprise in July.                             Two surprises actually.  The first surprise was the the increase in inventory.  It wasn’t that the number of homes for sale actually increased in July because there are […]

Homes Sold June 2013

  Homes Sold are the keywords for our June 2013 Central Oregon sales report.   A quick look at the chart above will tell you that home sales in the last three months have been strong.  Better, in fact, than the previous 12 months.  What you can’t see on the chart is that it has […]

Homes Sold May 2013

Bend home prices leveled off  in May which may be a good thing for the market as a whole because prices had been climbing for four consecutive months and some were concerned that this market may be getting out of hand again. What had been happening was that the number of homes for sale was […]

Homes Sold April 2013

The Bend and Central Oregon real estate market continues to improve. The month of April brought with it a nice increase in the number of homes for sale.  The number of homes listed for sale jumped by 147 from 1413 to 1560.  That is the largest monthly gain since June 2011 when there were 2369 […]

Homes Sold March 2013

Bend Oregon Homeowners:  The Bend and Central Oregon real estate markets have reached “Sellers Market” status. How is that, you ask?  Take a look at the chart above.  For about a year now, in my monthly Homes Sold posts, I have been talking about how low inventory is.  The low number of homes for sale in […]