Homes Sold in December 2012

Inventory keeps falling, falling, and falling some more. The recurring theme in my posts about real estate sales this year has been a lack of inventory.  The number of homes for sale in Bend and Central Oregon continues to drop to levels not seen in years.  In fact, the records I have access go back […]

Homes Sold in September 2012

Home sellers in Bend and Deschutes County continued to see prices rise in September.  The average price per square foot of homes sold last month was $134.  That is up from a recent lows of $102/sqft in February of 2011 and $109/sqft earlier this year in March. Surprisingly, there are relatively few sellers taking advantage of […]

Homes Sold in August 2012

  Lack of inventory continues to be the main factor in Central Oregon’s housing market. It is not unusual for inventory to peak in July and bottom in February.  That trend can be seen in sales charts going back for years.  What is unusual this year is the lack of inventory.  As I posted in […]

Homes Sold in June 2012

Inventory is finally showing signs of life.  As I have been writing for the last 5 months, the number of homes for sale in Bend and Central Oregon has been unusually low.  June saw the number of homes for sale nearly reach 2000 for the first time since November 2011.  The actual number for June was […]

Homes Sold in May 2012

Inventory, or the lack of inventory, continues to be a factor in the Deschutes County real estate market this spring.  After hitting a seasonal bottom in February at 1675 the number of homes for sale has slowly been building to May’s 1892.  Even though inventory is rising, that number is still below the average of the last six years […]

Homes Sold in April 2012

Spring is officially here.  The weather is steadily getting warmer, the parks and rec softball season is underway and all of our neighbors have their sprinkler systems turned on.  So it stands to reason that the Spring real estate sales season should be in full swing.  Right?  Well, if we are just going by the date and […]

Homes Sold in March 2012

The big news regarding home sales in Bend and Deschutes County last month is there were no real surprises.  The numbers of homes sold and homes for sale held true to historical form with both moving slightly higher in March. An increase in inventory is welcome news for the beginning of the Spring sales season […]

Homes Sold in February 2012

Deschutes County saw sales of existing homes stay flat in February as illustrated in the chart above.  The number of homes sold (269) was only two more than the revised number for January sales.  This is not unusual as sales activity historically doesn’t start to pick up until March. The number of homes for sale continued it’s […]

Homes Sold in January 2012

  The cold weather finally arrived in January and it seems to have had an effect on the number of homes sold.  There were only 256 homes sold last month which is the lowest number since February 2011.  This is good news for buyers as continued strong demand relative to falling inventory could have pressed […]