Homes Sold in November 2011

  UPDATE:  While posting December’s sales figures I noticed that TrendVision had adjusted the number of homes sold in November upward by 10.  This means that sales in November were down 21 percent from October not the previously reported 24 percent. Winter is here and once again it has brought with it a slow down in […]

Homes Sold in December 2011

  Sales of existing homes in Central Oregon picked up in December.  It could be that the unusually mild weather we are having was at least partially responsible for the increase.  There were 310 homes sold in December 2011 compared to 271 in November.  A 14.4 percent increase in homes sold from November to December […]

October Home Sales in Central Oregon

  The inventory of homes for sale in Bend and Central Oregon continued to drop in October.  This is not completely unexpected as sellers often take their homes off the market leading into the holidays or delay putting their homes on the market until Spring.  The number of homes for sale in October was down […]

Homes Sold in September 2011

  The numbers are out regarding homes sold in Deschutes County during September.  Again, this month there is nothing earth shattering in the numbers.  The market continues to look pretty flat after adjustment for seasonal trends.   Inventory generally peaks in July and then falls off gradually with the bottom in January or February.  This […]

Homes Sold in August

  August home sales numbers for Deschutes County are out and I’m grumpy.  Not because of the numbers but because I wrote a great post and managed to delete it.  I hate it when that happens.  So, this month you get the short version like the weather guy in those Subaru commercials.    The short […]

June 2011 Home Sales

The home sales numbers for June 2011 are out.  I don’t see anything that is earth shattering but there are a few interesting tidbits.  The most important one is that average price per square foot has fallen almost 4% since June 2010, from $119 to $115.  For people buying homes in Bend and Central Oregon this is […]