Pros and Cons of Single Family Rental Properties

Fidelity Investments research consultant Peter Lynch famously coined the phrase, “Invest in what you know.”  For most real estate investors, especially those just getting started, what they know is single family homes.  Although there may be a level of comfort with single family properties it is still a good idea to weigh the pros and […]

Homes Sold November 2013

Update on November home sales activity in the Bend, Oregon real estate market The number of homes for sale in Bend is still reflecting gains made in the spring despite the seasonal decline.  Inventory is currently sitting 18 percent above where it was at this time last year with 1,794 homes for sale.  If we […]

Is a Fixer Upper Right for You?

Whether you are a handy home owner looking to “buy up” at a discount, an investor looking for a flip or rental, or a first time home buyer looking for an affordable house you can make your own, a house that needs some repairs can present you with a good opportunity to create equity. It […]

Real Estate Investing: The Best College Town to Invest in Now

When most people think of Bend, Oregon real estate they likely think of vacation homes.  Bend is, after all, one of the premiere vacation destinations in the state of Oregon.  What many real estate investors may not be considering is that Bend is set to have a four year university by 2015.  That makes now […]

Millennials, The American Dream And Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors have a huge opportunity to make money on the fading American Dream of home ownership. There are approximately 80 million members of Generation Y and they are less interested in home ownership than any generation before them. Survey after survey suggests that these uncertain economic times, in which many Millennials have reached adulthood, are […]

Property Management: Bend Rental Market Still Strong

  The Bend, Oregon rental market continues to show signs of strength as we head into the winter months.  The good news for real estate investors is it looks like this strength will continue well into next year and beyond. Over the last month and a half Preferred Residential has had four vacancies.  Three of […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing an Investment Property

  You have determined why you are investing in real estate and what type of property can best help you reach your goals.  Now it is time to take the next step toward making money – purchase an investment property.  Hold on though, while this is an exciting step it will also play a huge […]

Real Estate Investing: The First Property

  So you have some extra cash and have decided you want to invest in real estate.  Before you take the plunge and buy that first investment property you should consider what you hope to accomplish by investing in real estate.  Is it to make a quick buck?  To save for a future event?  Or just […]

Is it Time to Hire a Property Management Company?

  Owning rental properties is a great way to make money but it can also be a great way to run yourself into the ground.  Especially if managing your properties isn’t your only job.  If you own rentals in Bend, here are a few indicators that might mean it is time to find a good […]

Rental Houses and Dogs

I don’t know what it is about Bend, Oregon but the people who live here love their dogs.  So much so that Bend was named 2012 Dog Town USA by Dog Fancy Magazine.  That’s all well and good but what does that mean for Bend real estate investors? It means, if you are thinking about […]