Tight Rental Market in Bend, Oregon Leads to Rising Rents and Few Vacancies

Over the last three years the Bend rental market has shifted dramatically from one with an ample supply of rentals and moderate demand to one with a shrinking supply of rental units and a growing demand for those units.  Over that time the vacancy rate in Bend went from a reasonable 5.17% to an unbelievable .66% (yes, two […]

Millennials, The American Dream And Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors have a huge opportunity to make money on the fading American Dream of home ownership. There are approximately 80 million members of Generation Y and they are less interested in home ownership than any generation before them. Survey after survey suggests that these uncertain economic times, in which many Millennials have reached adulthood, are […]

Property Management: Bend Rental Market Still Strong

  The Bend, Oregon rental market continues to show signs of strength as we head into the winter months.  The good news for real estate investors is it looks like this strength will continue well into next year and beyond. Over the last month and a half Preferred Residential has had four vacancies.  Three of […]

Top 7 Reasons You Should Invest in Bend OR Real Estate

You have been thinking about investing in real estate for a while now but you don’t know where you should invest.  Should you buy a rental in your home town?  A college town?  Why not invest in Bend real estate?  Why not indeed?  Here are our top seven reasons to buy a rental in Bend. […]

Bend Oregon Vacancy Rates Falling According to Survey

The Central Oregon Rental Owners Association (COROA) 2013 annual rental survey has been released documenting a snapshot of rental activity for houses, duplexes, triplexes/fourplexes and apartments for Bend, Redmond and all of Central Oregon. The survey data is provided by rental owners and property managers from Sunriver to Prineville, La Pine to Redmond and Bend […]

Property Management: Rental Market in Bend Still Strong

The strong rental market in Bend, Oregon continues to pay real estate investors well with rising rents, low vacancy rates and solid appreciation.  The Central Oregon rental market has been getting stronger for the last couple years but it’s not too late for investors to take advantage of today’s market conditions. Read about continued strength […]

Lots of Competition for Rentals

If you have tried renting a house in Bend recently or know someone who has then you know that there is a lot of competition for rental homes.  The rental market is hot right now.  So hot, in fact, that we aren’t even having to advertise many of our listings.  In the last week we […]

Residential Rentals in Hot Demand

Last week I wrote about how strong the rental market is in Bend right now.  I imagine that there were a few people who read that post and thought, “That’s all well and good but what about some real examples of how strong the market is?”  Well, I have some for you now. Late Tuesday we advertised […]

Rental Market Strong and Getting Stronger

The news for investors who own rental property keeps getting better.  According to Moody Analytics, demand for rentals is expected to remain strong for at least the next two years.  They cite the foreclosure crisis, an uncertain economy and fear of making a bad investment as influencing people to choose renting over buying. While Moody’s data is […]

Rents Rising, Vacancies Falling

We have been writing about a strong rental market here in Bend for almost a year now.  Homes are being rented almost as fast as investors can buy them and fix them up.  The property management side of Preferred Residential has had no problem filling homes with qualified tenants either.  In fact, I can’t remember […]