Sunset Magazine Likes Bend, Oregon too

It seems as if there is never a shortage of publications touting Bend as a great destination to visit or place to live.  About a year ago Sunset Magazine listed Bend as one of the West’s Best Ski Towns.  Bend was chosen as the most food focused ski town.  The brief synopsis only mentions a few restaurants:  Zydeco, 900 Wall, Jackson’s Corner and Joolz along with food cart Spork.  Those places serve great food to be sure but a list of great restaurants in Bend could go on and on.  Plus, at the time the article was written, one of my favorite restaurants, Brickhouse, wasn’t even up and running in Bend yet.  If you would like to add your favorite restaurant to the list please do so by adding a comment below.

Of course it could be argued that perhaps Bend should have been chosen for being the most beer focused ski town.  With ten breweries currently operating and another one under construction I think it is safe to say this town is pretty focused on beer.  The brewers are pretty focused on their craft too as three local breweries won awards at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival.

The list of the West’s Best Ski Towns is not the only evidence that Sunset Magazine likes Bend.  I found 16 different articles mentioning Bend on their website.  One of those articles was a fun little story about one woman’s weekend adventure and her concerns about being sucked in by all that Bend has to offer after being warned that “Whoever visits Bend, moves to Bend.”

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