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This past Friday evening (9/9) Becky and I had dinner at Slick’s Que Company in Bend.  We have driven past the Sister’s restaurant many times since it opened in June 2009 but never stopped to check it out.  The Bend restaurant opened in May 2011 on Revere where the Bend Fish Company was located.  We had heard good things about Slick’s Que Co. and thought we should give it a try.

I’m not quite sure how to describe the décor inside the building.  I think they are going for a western look but they also have some old advertising signs.  It was kind of interesting but by no means unique.  Food in the Bend location is served cafeteria style at the counter by employees.  It almost felt like I was standing in line for fast food.  I ordered their beef brisket sandwich with garlic mashed potatoes and Becky ordered a half rack of pork ribs with garlic mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  We both had a beer served in a 16 oz. Mason jar.


The food was decent but not amazing.  I thought the brisket was really tender but lacked the unique flavor I was hoping for.  Both of our servings of potatoes were bordering on cold.  They used real potatoes and I think they would have been great if they had been fresh and hot.  Becky described her ribs as just so, so.  Pretty much what she expected when she realized the food was served cafeteria style.  The ribs were warm and tender but weren’t anything to write home about.  Slick’s homemade sauce is pretty good.  Not too spicy but also not distinguishable from most other bbq sauces.  I would have like to see a couple choices of sauce like a spicy one and maybe some different regional styles like Memphis and Kansas City.  Speaking of choices, I was disappointed with their selection of beers on tap (three).  There are more than ten local breweries in Central Oregon and for some reason the only local beer on tap was Blonde Bombshell from Cascade Lakes Brewing Company.


I realize this review hasn’t been especially favorable.  However, Slick’s Que Company isn’t a bad choice for dinner especially when you consider that our dinners and beer only cost $24.  I actually think they have the best brisket in town.  They must be or must have been doing something right because in June 2010 they were recognized as one of “the best of the best BBQ restaurants in America.”  Maybe if you go at the right time you can get fresh hot food.  One would think that Friday at 6:30 pm would be one of those times.


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