Reality TV Link to Snowmobiling Central Oregon


Some of you may be familiar with the Discovery Channel reality show, Gold Rush: Alaska.  It is a show about six Oregonians who travel to Alaska in search of the mother lode.  The two primary “characters” in the show are Jack and Todd Hoffman.  They are father and son from the Gresham/Troutdale area who also happen to own a vacation home a mile from Wickiup Junction just north of LaPine.  I know this because I stayed there with them a few times.  I met the Hoffmans through a mutual friend and a mutual interest in snowmobiling.  It has been probably five or six years since I have seen Jack and Todd.  In fact, it took me a few minutes of watching the show to realize that it was them.  They don’t seem to have changed at all from what I remember except that Todd’s beard has grown about six inches and added some grey.


One of the great things about the Hoffman’s house at Wickiup Junction is its proximity to some great snowmobiling at Paulina Peak.  There are great trails all over that mountain and on a clear day the views are spectacular.  A great way to get the full experience is to rent a cabin (summer or winter) on the edge of Paulina Lake.  One thing that makes staying in the cabins fun is that you can park your snowmobile at the front door and just get up and ride the trails or around either of the two lakes (Paulina and East) that reside in Newberry Crater.


There are a few places in Central Oregon like Paulina Lake where you can ride right from your cabin but there aren’t a whole lot of homes you can do that from.  There are, however, plenty of homes available within a 30 minute drive (or less) of fantastic snowmobiling.  Whether you prefer to ride Hoodoo (Ray Benson/Big Lake), Mt. Bachelor (Dutchman Flat), Paulina or back country trails there are homes for sale nearby.  Of course there are plenty of homes for sale in Bend which is right in the middle of everything.  Call or email us for a complete list of homes for sale near your favorite Central Oregon snow park.



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