Property Management: Redmond Changes Utility Billing for Rentals

Redmond changes utility billing for rentalsCiting nearly $500,000 in uncollected utility debt, Redmond, Oregon’s City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, May 28, to make owners of rental homes directly responsible for water, sewer and garbage bills.

Apparently not wanting to risk any more uncollected debt, the city made this change effective June 1.  Accounts established prior to June 1 can remain in the name of the tenant until there is a change in tenancy.  At that point utilities will be switched to the owner’s name remain there until the house is sold.

In making owners responsible for utility bills, tenants will no longer be able to have water, sewer or garbage bills in their names.  The changes do not affect billing for utilities not owned by the City of Redmond.  Utilities such as electricity and natural gas can continue to be held in tenants names.

As property managers of multiple homes in Redmond we will be advising our owners to change the way their properties in Redmond are rented.  We believe that the best way to handle this change going forward will be to advertise water, sewer and garbage as being paid by the owner.  Preferred Residential will receive and pay the city utility bill, not the tenant, removing any doubt as to whether or not those utilities are being paid.

If you have any questions about this change to utility billing for rentals in Redmond please feel free to call us at (541) 508-2930.

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