Premier Ski & Golf Destination: Bend, Oregon

Bend is well known as being a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  The list of available outdoor activities is wide ranging from white water rafting to mountain biking, snowmobiling to paddle boarding, and fishing to camping.  But Bend is perhaps best known for skiing and golf and Links Magazine recently combined the two and placed Bend in the top five North American destinations to do both in the same day.

The proximity of Mt. Bachelor to Bend and Sunriver makes skiing and golfing in the same day an easy proposition.  The author of the blurb on the Links site seems to suggest  that it is only possible to ski and golf on the same day during May but if you don’t mind a little cooler weather for your round of golf it is actually possible to do both as early as March.  Sunriver was recommended by Links as the place to play your round of golf which likely explains why they proposed doing this two-fer in May.  In the months prior to May it is not uncommon for there to be snow on the courses in Sunriver.  That is less likely to happen in Bend during Spring months.

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As you can see on the map above Bend is about the same distance from the mountain as Sunriver and at least one of its public courses, Widgi Creek, is actually closer.  It’s just a 20 minute straight shot down Century Drive from the mountain.  There are two other public courses in Bend (River’s Edge and Lost Tracks) and though they may be a couple miles further away after a “hard” day of skiing and golf you will be much closer to the great breweries on Bend’s Ale Trail.


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