Preferred Residential Has Moved!

Come by and see us in our new office at 2330 NE Division, Suite 4 in Bend, Oregon.  We are pretty much settled in now and would love for you to stop by and say hello.

 Click here to see a map or get directions.

Preferred Residential Real Estate and Property Management has Moved!

We love our new office and all of the space it has.  We have a large open area where Becky and I both work.  This space allows us to be far enough away from each other that we don’t bump when we scoot our chairs back but close enough that we don’t have to get up to go talk to each other.



We like this open space off to the side of our work area where clients can sign papers or sit and chat with us.



We have a formal conference room through this door for those times when privacy is needed.  It isn’t quite finished yet but we will post pictures when it’s done.

About Dan Seim

Dan Seim is the primary contributor to Preferred Residential's blog. He has been writing about real estate issues that affect home owners in Bend and Central Oregon since 2011.