Oxbow House

Becky and I went and looked at a bank owned house today that surprised us both.  This house is east of Bend (north of the airport) in a subdivision called Cimmarron City.  What makes this development interesting is that all of the lots are at least two acres.  The house in the photo is 1096 sq. ft. on 2.38 acres.  We should have been tipped off when the listing said, “Sold AS IS.”  Granted, it isn’t uncommon for those three words to be included in the description of a bank owned home but when the description is only eleven (11) words “Sold AS IS” carries a little more weight.  The house itself is in great condition.  Sure it needs some paint and carpet but it is structurally solid.

I wish I had photos of the interior but this blog didn’t exist when we went out there today.  What we saw when we walked into the house was straight out of the “Left Behind” series.  It looked like the Rapture had happened.  Apparently the former owners of this house woke up one day and decided that they were going to walk away from this house.  They must have walked away because if they had a vehicle they surely would have taken more than they did.  The closets and dressers were full of clothes, there was shampoo in the shower and a toothbrush by the sink, the cupboards were stocked with food, there was a sewing machine in the living room, beds were made, I could go on and on.  It was incredible.  Talk about starting over.

The list price on this house is $125,000.  We were told by the listing agent that the bank has had three offers on this house but hasn’t been willing to budge off this price…..yet.  I suppose that if a house with a $250,000 mortgage on it was given back to me I would be reluctant to lose more than half of that too.  So, if you want to make an offer, bring it on but you better bring a really big dumpster too.

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