More Evidence of Strong Tourism in Bend

On August 24th I posted that Strong Tourism Helps Bend Vacation Rentals.  Yesterday KTVZ ran a story about how Bend is expected to do see a large number of tourists this weekend while the nation as a whole is expected to see a drop in travel for the holiday.  This Labor Day weekend there are two major sporting events being held in Bend.  One is the USA Cycling Masters Road Nationals which will not only be held in Bend this year but also in 2012.  The second is the Golf World Pacific Amateur Golf ClassicThese events are expected to bring more than 1,000 people to Bend and as much as $5.5 million dollars to the local economy over the weekend according to as reported by KTVZ.

With Bend doing such a great job of attracting national events lately tourism and its offshoots seem to be firmly entrenched as the number one money producers for Bend’s economy.  One great way to get a piece of that tourism pie is to own a vacation rental.  To find out more about owning a vacation rental in Bend please call us.  Our experience as property managers and brokers makes us uniquely qualified to help you make an informed decision.

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