Los Agaves Mexican Grill – Sisters, Oregon

We stopped and had lunch Friday (7/23/11) at Los Agaves Mexican Grill in Sisters

I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in the door because the outside of the building doesn’t look like much but the inside of the restaurant was clean and tidy.  We ate on the patio in the shade of an umbrella.  The chips and salsa came quickly and that’s when I began to think that maybe we should have eaten at Bronco Billy’s.  The chips were stale, not yet chewy but well on their way.  The salsa had pretty good flavor but it was more like a puree.  I think I found one tomato chunk in two servings of salsa. 

I ordered the Carne Asada burrito  It was a decent size burrito stuffed with rice and beans and a little bit of meat.  The lettuce on top was fresh and crunchy but the sour cream and guacamole were runny.  The real disappointment was that the meat really had no flavor except to say that it mostly tasted like a pot roast.

The Arroz con Camarones that Becky ordered looked really good on the plate.  And for the most part is was pretty good.  The veggies were fresh and the sauce was pretty tasty but the shrimp (at least the one I had) were not.  They tasted like they had been sitting around (in the freezer or otherwise) for a long time and they were tough.  Way too much “seafood” flavor.  They really should not have been serving that shrimp.

Kyra had their chicken enchiladas with green sauce.  That was probably the best meal on the table.  The chicken was flavorful and cooked just right.  Becky did mention though that the beans were uninspiring.

My recommendation?  Keep driving if you are looking for Mexican food.  Los Agaves Mexican Grill is not the best place to stop.  In fairness, though, I will share a link to some reviews I found on Yelp.  Five of the six reviews were quite favorable so maybe we caught them on an off day but I don’t think we will be going back to find out.

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