Kah-nee-ta Pool

We had been talking about spending a day at the pool at Kah-nee-ta for a long time but kept finding ways to put it off.  Part of the reason we hadn’t gone was because we wanted to be sure that Kyra would be tall enough to ride the slides.  Another reason was because it is a good hour and 20 minutes from Bend and that seems like a lot of driving.  Turns out it is really a pretty easy drive.  Yesterday (Sun. 7/24/11) we finally stopped putting it off and spent the better part of the day having a good time at the pool.


The pool opens at 9 am but the slides don’t open until 10 so our plan was to leave here at nine and hope that we would be there early enough that there would still be some chairs available.  We got into the pool area about 10:45 to find all of the lounge chairs taken but there were still some regular patio chairs available and we were even able to get a decent spot with some shade.  I took these photos shortly after we arrived and you can see that the pool was pretty busy.  I was surprised that it got even more busy.  There seemed to be a steady stream of people into the pool all day long.  At about 1:00 I went out to the car and was surprised to see a line of people out the door.  The number of people seemed to peak around 2:00 and by the time we left at 3:00 it appeared that the crowd was beginning to thin a little.


The pool itself was in great shape.  Bright blue and clear.  We commented on the way back to town that we were surprised that we didn’t smell like chlorine.  I’m not sure what they do to keep it clean but whatever it is it works well.  The pool is heated by a hot spring on the property which keeps the temperature about 90 degrees.  You don’t get into the pool to cool down, you get out of the pool.  They have a relatively new slide (the green one) that is 184’ feet long but is covered the whole distance.  I can only assume that it is covered so that people don’t fly out on the way down.  It is a fast slide.  The cover prevents all but the smaller kids from being able to sit up while sliding and it also prevents you from being able to see anything until the last 20’.  It is fun but the line was usually quite a bit longer for this slide than the shorter, open, blue slide.  I enjoyed the blue slide a little more because it is open and you can see where you are going.  It has left and right turns and I felt like I was able to go almost as fast as the green slide.


If you go to the pool at Kah-nee-ta bring your cooler but leave it in the car.  Coolers aren’t allowed and they say that food and drinks aren’t either but if you don’t flaunt it you can get away with it.  We brought bottled water (which they don’t mind) and snacks like granola bars and potato chips.  I did see one pool employee tell someone that food and drinks weren’t allowed on the pool deck but after he told them he just walked away.  There is a snack bar just off the pool area with burgers, hotdogs and deli sandwiches.    The prices are fairly reasonable considering they have a captive audience.


I definitely recommend the pool at Kah-nee-ta for a family outing.  Especially if you have kids in the 7-13 year range.  Bring your floatie, get the kids a bracelet for the slides and enjoy the day with a few hundred of your closest friends.


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