Florida Teen Buys Second House

Teenagers with an interest in real estate investing should take inspiration from Willow Tufano

Willow Tufano and sister Iris (Facebook)

ABC News recently reported on a teenager in Florida who just closed on the purchase of her second investment home.  What makes this story especially interesting isn’t so much that Willow Tufano is a teenager but that she was just 14 when she bought her first home and now at 15 she owns her second home.  But she isn’t satisfied with just having two investment homes.

Her goal is to own 10 homes by the time she turns 18.  What started for Tufano as buying and selling items on CraigsList could soon grow beyond her own little real estate empire.  She is reportedly in talks with a few networks about her own reality show.  If a tv show does become a reality then young Willow would likely have plenty of money to purchase eight more homes by the time she turns 18.

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