Del Alma Restaurant in Corvallis

I don’t normally post about anything that isn’t in Bend or Central Oregon but this past Friday evening Becky and I had the surprising pleasure of dining at Del Alma in Corvallis.  Our experience there definitely makes them worthy of a post.

I had wanted to eat there since Kinn and Carolyn had opened the doors but since we live in Bend we just hadn’t had the opportunity.  We had no idea what kind of food or atmosphere we would find as neither of us had even talked to anyone who had eaten there.  We sat in the “music room” because we didn’t need the full dining experience and didn’t have time to wait for a table.  We were also hoping to catch some of the jazz trio that was warming up.


When we first sat down and saw the menu I thought, “Oh man, this better be good for these prices.”  Turns out it wasn’t just good it was amazing and worth every penny.  Becky had the Fillet Mignon and I had Pork Tenderloin.  Both entrees were cooked to perfection and had wonderful flavor.  I have read a number of reviews of Del Alma and it sounds like no matter what you order you will be happy.  The portions were perfect.  We cleaned our plates, literally.  Well, almost, we didn’t lick them clean.  When we left we were both perfectly satisfied and didn’t have that feeling of needing to sit on the couch with the top pants button undone for an hour. Presentation wasn’t eye-popping but then I have had meals where I have paid more and the presentation was the best part.  The service was friendly and attentive but not over-bearing.


Del Alma should be your first choice for fine dining in Corvallis.  Since Friday, I have been telling everyone I know who lives in Corvallis or goes there from time to time that they need to eat at Del Alma.  We will definitely be back.

You can find Del Alma Restaurant on Facebook too.


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