Day Hikes in Central Oregon

Hiking is one of the few things we haven’t done much of since we moved to Bend.  It is something we talk about every summer but for whatever reason, never seem to get around to.  There are a huge number of relatively easy day hikes that can be found in Central Oregon.  In fact, there are so many trails that there are books about them.  The other day I came across a story on that highlighted three day hikes:  Paulina Peak, Tumalo Mountain, and Fall River.  You can read about those hikes here.  I also found a couple websites with more ideas for day hikes.  The Amateur Guide to Hiking in Central Oregon has 42 trail reviews (scroll down the page) with photos, good descriptions of what you will encounter and driving directions.  A second site,, has 30 trails under the heading “Best Easy Day Hikes.”  There seems to be very little overlap with “The Amateur Guide…”   This site requires registration (free) to view photos and driving directions but you can read user reviews of the trails without registration.  If you are really into hiking, this site has some GPS routes that can be downloaded or you can upload a GPS route to the site from your hike.

If you hike around Bend and Central Oregon and have a story to share I would love to publish it on this blog.  It doesn’t have to be very long as I usually try to keep posts between 200 and 600 words.  Please send photos with your story if possible.  You can send stories and photos to my email address (Dan Seim) which can be found on our contact page.



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