Cyber Monday Discount on Homes?

In case you haven’t heard, today is Cyber Monday.  This is the marketing term that was coined in 2005 when more than 70 percent of online retailers reported that their sales increased substantially on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.  Cyber Monday has become so big that comScore reported that last year (2010) more than $1 billion was spent online on this day.  Based on those numbers would you be surprised to find out that a builder with a large presence in Kentucky and Ohio is trying to get in on the action?

Dominion Homes

Computer Home

It would be a stretch to call Dominion Homes an online retailer but there they are, offering Cyber Monday discounts of up to $80,000 on new homes.  No, you don’t have to put money down on one of the homes today you just have to register and make an appointment with them, either online or through one of their sales reps.  I don’t know that this marketing ploy will sell any homes for Dominion but it is a great way for them to build name recognition and get contact information from active buyers.  My question is, how will people who have already bought homes in those neighborhoods feel about seeing these discounts?

Don’t expect to see Cyber Monday discounts offered on existing homes for sale any time soon.  Negotiation is such a big part of buying and selling homes that advertising the fact that you would be willing to take $10,000 off the price of a home for one day pretty much guarantees that a permanent price reduction is just around the corner.  A one day discount like that could also signal that the seller is desperate and result in an even lower sales price.  So if you are considering selling your home, don’t take chances with a gimmick, call a professional who has proven she knows how to sell homes.



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