Crap People Say in Bend, Oregon

It’s time for a little light hearted fun at the expense of those of us who live in Bend.  The video below was produced by the folks at 541 Threads.  These people do great work in our community.  For every shirt they sell they donate five meals to a local food bank.  Sadly, I haven’t yet purchased my 541 shirt or sweatshirt but I will be doing so very soon.  If you would like to buy a shirt you can find them in Bend at The Blvd, Desperado, Cascade Cottons, Serendipity, Elite Fitness, Oregon Crossfit, Skjersaa’s, Lulu’s, and Aspect Board Shop.

Next time you are out and about in town be sure to listen for these things people say.

Crap People Say in Bend, OR from Joe Hite on Vimeo.


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