Construction Outlook Improving in Bend

clip-board sub-flooring

Contractors in Bend received some good news last week about planned construction activity.  Cascade Central Business Consultants reported that the City of Bend has issued 56 building permits in the first two months of 2012.  Last year in January and February the city only issued 26 building permits.  While this is good news that there may be even more business for home builders on the horizon, the numbers pale in comparison to 2006.  That year there were 2500 building permits issued in Bend.

Those days of booming construction are all but a memory for builders now.  According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, Bend’s 10 year rolling average for new contruction building permits is 1000 homes per year.  Even that number seems unattainable now given the number of permits issued in January and February.  However, there is still reason for optimism as the peak building months for 2012 are yet to come and fiscal year ending June 2011 saw the number of permits nearly double to 345 over the previous year.

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