Christmas Lights in Bend

Last night we decided to take a tour of homes with holiday light displays as outlined by the Bend Bulletin.  We weren’t able to view all of the homes on the list as there are more than 70 and our eight year old was less than excited about the idea. 

To my knowledge there aren’t any neighborhoods in Central Oregon with amazing displays like the Gubser Neighborhood in Keizer or Peacock Lane in Portland.  However, we did  find some homes with nice displays.  This home on Daniel Duke Way was probably the most elaborate.

Christmas lights in Bend









If you look on the far left of the first photo you will see a couple candy canes that are actually attached to their car.

Here are some photos of other homes we saw.  If you are aware of any other homes in the Bend area that are worthy of driving by please tell us about them in the comments below.  Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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