Mistakes Renters Make

We all make mistakes from time to time.   Some mistakes don’t cost us anything while others can mean losing thousands of dollars.  For tenants, mistakes often fall into the losing money category.  Whether you are new to being a tenant or just haven’t rented in a very long time, avoiding the mistakes listed below […]

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back From Preferred Residential

Most leases in the state of Oregon require security deposits from the tenant when they move in to a rental.  The deposit is intended to cover damages to the property caused by the tenant beyond normal wear and tear and to protect the owner from financial loss if the tenant moves out before the lease […]

Property Management: Bend Rental Market Still Strong

  The Bend, Oregon rental market continues to show signs of strength as we head into the winter months.  The good news for real estate investors is it looks like this strength will continue well into next year and beyond. Over the last month and a half Preferred Residential has had four vacancies.  Three of […]

Is it Time to Hire a Property Management Company?

  Owning rental properties is a great way to make money but it can also be a great way to run yourself into the ground.  Especially if managing your properties isn’t your only job.  If you own rentals in Bend, here are a few indicators that might mean it is time to find a good […]

Bend Oregon Vacancy Rates Falling According to Survey

The Central Oregon Rental Owners Association (COROA) 2013 annual rental survey has been released documenting a snapshot of rental activity for houses, duplexes, triplexes/fourplexes and apartments for Bend, Redmond and all of Central Oregon. The survey data is provided by rental owners and property managers from Sunriver to Prineville, La Pine to Redmond and Bend […]

Property Management: Redmond Changes Utility Billing for Rentals

Citing nearly $500,000 in uncollected utility debt, Redmond, Oregon’s City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, May 28, to make owners of rental homes directly responsible for water, sewer and garbage bills. Apparently not wanting to risk any more uncollected debt, the city made this change effective June 1.  Accounts established prior to June 1 can […]

Property Management: Rental Market in Bend Still Strong

The strong rental market in Bend, Oregon continues to pay real estate investors well with rising rents, low vacancy rates and solid appreciation.  The Central Oregon rental market has been getting stronger for the last couple years but it’s not too late for investors to take advantage of today’s market conditions. Read about continued strength […]

Hire a Property Manager or Manage it Yourself?

It’s that age old question for real estate investors, “Should I manage the property myself or hire a property manager?”  Sure, we might be a little biased about what we think your answer to that question should be but we understand and appreciate those who chose to manage their investment on their own.  The important […]

Helping Our Property Management Owners Be More Connected

On January 1, 2013 Preferred Residential went live with new technology that brings a number of tools to our owners and tenants that will help them be more connected to their properties.  Now owners of properties we manage can access their documents, data and financial statements online, any time. There are 25 reports available to owners which is […]

Rental Market Strong and Getting Stronger

The news for investors who own rental property keeps getting better.  According to Moody Analytics, demand for rentals is expected to remain strong for at least the next two years.  They cite the foreclosure crisis, an uncertain economy and fear of making a bad investment as influencing people to choose renting over buying. While Moody’s data is […]