Expandable Table with no Leaf

I usually just share things like this directly on Facebook or Google+ but apparently Facebook doesn’t allow .gif files.  This is a pretty cool table but I wonder how many homes have a dining room that could accomodate something like this. Credit for finding and originally sharing this table goes to Chanchal Bhatia.

The Connected Home: Are You Ready?

It seems that we have been hearing about the “Connected Home” for years.  We have heard about refrigerators that can tell you when you are low on milk or need eggs.  Lights that you can turn on or off from your computer.  Blinds that can be opened or closed from thousands of miles away.  A furnace that […]

ReStore in Bend

Do you need to replace a door, a light fixture or maybe just a burner on your stove?  If you don’t mind slightly used or new stuff left over from someone else’s project, go to ReStore in Bend first.  ReStore is Habitat for Humanity’s building supply thrift store and you just might be surprised by what you […]

Preparing Your Home to Sell

Once you have made the decision to list your home for sale the next step is to make your home ready to sell.  The two most important pieces of preparing to sell a home are to make it functional and presentable.  These are home improvements that will help your home sell faster and at a better […]

Get Your Home Ready for Spring and Summer

Most people think of spring as a time for cleaning but preparing your home for the summer months is just as important as getting it ready for winter.  Here are some tips for bringing your home out of winter hibernation. Inside Clean or replace the filter on your furnace.  If you are like most people you haven’t […]

Popcorn Ceilings

  This past week I had a repair project that kept me from writing.  Part of that project was to repair a strip of ceiling where a wall had been and try to match it with the existing popcorn ceiling.  The main thing I learned from this experience is that I don’t like popcorn ceilings.  […]

All Homes (Almost) Have Carpet…

…and around here most homes have tile too.  One thing we try to do is give our customers business when we can.  If they do a good job then I like to write about it here and hopefully refer even more business.  Today was one of the good ones that I get to write about.  […]