New Approach to Flipping Houses

House flipping has a new business model:  the model home.  While it has been used almost exclusively by builders in new housing developments, the Baltimore Sun reports that real estate investors who buy, fix then sell distressed properties are beginning to incorporate model homes into their business plan. At least three companies in Baltimore have […]

House Flipping: Anti-Flipping Rule Suspended Through 2014

The real estate investment strategy of flipping houses recently received good news in the form of the FHA continuing the suspension of their anti-flipping rule through December 2014. The rule, originally enacted in 2003, was written to curb the practice of flipping houses by preventing the FHA from insuring mortgage loans on homes that were […]

House Flipping: Get an Inspection

When house prices are rising flipping houses becomes more popular to investors.  Lately at Preferred Residential we are seeing more real estate investors coming into the real estate market with the intent of flipping.  House flipping is defined as buying and selling a property within a six month period. There are some inherent dangers in […]