Brickhouse Restaurant in Bend


The Brickhouse restaurant has been on our list of places to eat since they opened their Bend restaurant a year ago.  We have never been to their Redmond restaurant but had heard good things about their food and service here in Bend.  They are located on Industrial Way looking south down the Deschutes River to the Old Mill.

From the outside, the building is non-descript and the restaurant itself is difficult to differentiate from its neighbors on either side.  However, once inside, it quickly becomes apparent that they are working hard to set themselves apart from the myriad of other restaurants in Bend.  The interior is subtle and understated which gives it the feel of formal, fine dining even though they state on their website that they are “contemporary and casual.”  Whatever you want to call it, we were comfortable.  My only complaint with the ambiance was that the background music for the two hours we were there was Fleetwood Mac.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Fleetwood Mac but the only time I want to hear them for two hours consecutively would be at a concert.


The one thing that has defined dining in Bend for us is service.  For whatever reason, it is extremely difficult to find exceptional service at a restaurant in Bend.  Maybe it is because wait staff here figure everyone is a tourist.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that the staff at Brickhouse is exceptional.  Attentive yet not smothering, they seemed to always show up at the right time to refill our drinks or take away plates.  Their attitudes were great too.  They were friendly and professional yet seemed to understand that they are there to serve, not be my new BFF.  It was, without a doubt, the best service we have had in Bend.

The food was top-shelf too.  It is safe to call Brickhouse a steak house even though their menu includes chicken, pasta and seafood.  We started with shrimp cocktail, peppered filet tips, and Thai chicken satay appetizers from the happy hour menu.  All were decent sized portions with fresh tender meat and tasty sauces.  Becky had the blackened rib-eye and I had the double-cut pork chop.  Both were cooked exactly as requested and were tender with great flavor.  Surprise, surprise, the entrees actually came with sides of veggies and potatoes unlike another certain restaurant in town that makes you pay separately for sides.  The veggies had good flavor too but it is a little disappointing to spend $30 a plate and have the veggies be yellow squash, zucchini and carrots.  I know every restaurant does it but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

If you like wine then you should have no problem finding a good bottle or glass at Brickhouse.  I don’t recall seeing a more extensive wine list at any other restaurants in Bend.

Will we go back for more?  Absolutely and I will definitely be recommending Brickhouse to anyone who will listen.  Even if you don’t need a full meal they have a great happy hour menu with $5 appetizers and drinks.  Brickhouse and their staff understand what it takes to make a dining experience exceptional.



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