Bend’s Ale Trail Makes Top 10 List


Are you thirsty for some good beer?  Bend has beer.  I’m talking about award winning beer brewed right here in Central Oregon.  Bend is quickly becoming as much a destination for beer as it is for skiing, mountain biking, fishing and golf.  The website lists the Bend Ale Trail as one of the top 10 beer trails in the country.   Of course there isn’t actually a trail linking all of Bend’s breweries together but there are many options for exploration.

If you like to walk there are eight breweries within walking distance of each other.  Stop by the Bend Visitor Center downtown and pick up a map or you can download a Bend Ale Trail app for iPods, iPhones or Android.  If you plan on visiting all of the breweries in one day, being able to read the map might be difficult after the first few breweries.  Have no fear, there are trail options available that do not require the you to read a map or drive.  If you like bikes then the Cycle Pub is a good option.


How often do you get to pedal and drink beer on city streets?  Maybe you want to go really old school, like horse drawn carriage old school.  The Buckboard, Biscuits and Beer tour will take you to four breweries and feed you lunch.

Do you want to be green but not so green that you have to pedal or ride behind horses?  Try the GetIt Shuttle’s Bend Brew Tour.  They will drive you around in their alternative energy shuttle.  A final guided option is the Bend Brew BusHowever you decide to tour Bend’s Breweries, enjoy.

A list of breweries in Bend and Central Oregon can be found on our website.


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