Bend Oregon Named One of the Most Romantic Cities in U.S.

The Old Mill is a fun place to shop and eat in BendLiving in Bend I never really thought about this fun, Central Oregon city as romantic.  Sure, date nights here are never boring and there is never a shortage of great restaurants to choose from.  It just didn’t occur to me to think of Bend as a romantic city.  Until now. just published their list of the most romantic cities in the United States.  This list focused on “smaller, more intimate cities that inspire romance” which means cities like New York and San Francisco, the “go to” cities on everyone’s list, were excluded.  I have to admit I haven’t been to most of the cities on the list but was pleasantly surprised to find Bend at number 3 behind Scottsdale, AZ and Napa, CA.

If a romantic weekend away isn’t reason enough to come to Bend, here is a list of festivals and concert series that might interest you.  Of course you will want to eat while you are here. has this list of restaurants on their site.  We recommend Brickhouse or Ariana for a night out with your honey.

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