Bend Elks Baseball

One thing we try to do every summer is catch a few Bend Elks baseball games.  We aren’t always very successful at getting there but this last weekend we were able to attend our first game of the season.

There is just something fun about attending a baseball game.  I’m not a huge fan of watching baseball in general but being there live with friends, family and a cold beer is pretty tough to beat on a nice summer evening.  When you have a view of the sun setting over the mountains it’s even better.

The level of competition on the field is essentially college ball but with wood bats instead of aluminum.  Every now and then you can find a high schooler on the roster but they are pretty rare.  One of the things that is enjoyable for me is the games allow me a chance to see Oregon State players in action.  I haven’t had the opportunity to get over to Corvallis in the last few years to watch the Beavers play so it is nice to be able to cheer on a player like shortstop Ryan Dunn from this year’s Beaver playoff team.

The cost to attend a game is $5 unless you go on $2 Tuesday.  Then, not only is it $2 to get in but the beers and hamburgers are only $2 too.  Beware that Tuesdays are usually more crowded because it is such a great deal.  Here is a link to the schedule.

One thing that is fun for the kids is to chase down foul balls and collect signatures.  Our daughter managed to grab one this game.  She was so excited.  After the game we hung out by the clubhouse for a few minutes until  the players started emerging.  The players were great sports about signing autographs and helped the kids onto the field so they could track down more autographs and run the bases.

I definitely recommend a night of baseball at Vince Genna Stadium.  I also recommend that you call Your Bend Realtor if you or someone you know are interested in buying or selling a home in Bend, Redmond, Sisters or anywhere in Central Oregon.

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