Bend Applebee’s: Should Have Known Better


Actually, we did know better but we went to Applebee’s for dinner last night anyway.  Cold side dishes and poor service are the norm at Applebee’s in Bend and apparently throughout Oregon.  We know this.  But some times convenience and price out-weigh rational thinking.  Last night we thought we might get lucky so we took a chance on $5 burgers and wings at the Applebee’s just down the street.  They were kind enough to remind us why we don’t eat there any more.  Cold fries, a long wait in a nearly empty restaurant, a sneaky up-charge on our drinks (we specifically asked for house vodka not Absolut), the bar tender yelling across the restaurant to tell our server they were out of tonic, and being over charged on two orders of wings by $4 each.  It is impotant to note that our waiter was not new and I do not believe that any of the errors on our bill were simple mistakes.


They may be in your neighborhood but my recommendation is to not eat at Applebee’s.  There are, however, some really nice homes near the Bend Applebee’s and we would be happy to show you the neighborhoods and homes for sale.  Give us a call.



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