All Homes (Almost) Have Carpet…

and around here most homes have tile too.  One thing we try to do is give our customers business when we can.  If they do a good job then I like to write about it here and hopefully refer even more business.  Today was one of the good ones that I get to write about.  Ron has been doing business with us for a couple months now but we haven’t had a chance to put him to work until today.

Ron McKenna is the owner/operator of Action Carpet and Upholstery Care and they have been in business in Central Oregon for 10 years.  Not only do they clean carpet and upholstery but also tile and grout.  I wish I had thought of him cleaning our kitchen tile before he came.  It could really use a good cleaning but that can be a blog post for later. 

I have to say that I am very impressed with the job he did.  Since we moved in to this house our hallway has been a constant struggle to keep clean.  The people that lived in here before us complained that they had similar problems.  When we showed it to Ron he suggested that it might be a “stain attractor” that had never been properly cleaned off the carpet.  Whatever it was it definitely attracted dirt but it’s gone now and our carpets have never looked cleaner.  In fact, Ron guarantees that they will clean your carpet, upholstery or whatever more thoroughly than it has ever been cleaned.  It seems like everyone says this but after seeing the results, I believe him.  What helps me to believe him even more is that these carpets were professionally cleaned before we moved in.  They didn’t look anywhere near as good then as they do now.  I have even “cleaned” them a couple times with rental cleaners from the store and United Rentals with less than stellar results.  Those things are ok for a surface cleaning but you need Action Carpet and Upholstery Care to truly get them clean.  

Action Carpet and Upholstery Care

Not that I have seen a lot of them but his cleaning tool is unlike any I have seen for carpet (picture above).  Ron says it is called a rotary jet extractor.  It is about 10” around with rotating scrubbers (not brushes), three spray heads and three vacuum heads.  He said it creates its own agitation to clean better than any wand.  They have a thorough 12 step process for cleaning carpets which includes grooming the carpet after cleaning so that the carpet dries faster and in the right position.


Give Ron a call at 541-504-5300 and tell him Dan and Becky sent you.  He is running a special right now for three rooms (bedroom size) at $99.



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