AARP Says Bend is a Sunny Place to Retire

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) creates lots of lists.  They have lists of surgeries to avoid, ways to avoid bank fees, home remedies that “work” and a bunch of lists regarding places to live if you are retired.  One of their most recent lists is 10 Great Sunny Places to RetireOf course Bend made the list with an average of 158 clear days per year and an additional 105 days that are mostly sunny according to Bend Chamber of Commerce.  While they may not all be warm, sunny days, 263 days of sunshine a year is a good thing.

The list of Great Sunny Places to Retire according to AARP doesn’t seem to be ranked unless you consider the order of their placement.  In which case Bend would be the ninth best sunny place to retire.  Regardless of ranking, Bend is a great place to live whether you are retired or not.  Check out our ever expanding list of things to do in BendThen browse through the Bend MLS to find your ideal home in a great place to retire and give your favorite realtor a call and tell her you want to look at homes for sale in Bend.  Speaking of things to do in Bend, recently posted a video of a bike ride through downtown and Drake Park.  This video was taken this month on a nice sunny day with a GoPro cameraI think I need one of those cameras.



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