A Day at South Twin Lake

One of our favorite places to go during the summer for a day on and in the water is South Twin Lake.  We like going there because boats with motors are not allowed on the lake, there are decent beaches for wading or putting your chair in the water, 20′ from the water are picnic tables shaded by trees and the water is relatively shallow near the shore which helps keep it a little warmer.


Of all the times we have been there over the last few years we had never been there during a holiday weekend.  I’m not sure I will go again during a holiday weekend.  Fortunately, we anticipated that it might be busy and left home at 8:45 am.  It was a little painful to get up that early on a Sunday but we got a great table and were able to spread out our chairs on the beach which was great when random people started setting up camp in the middle of our chairs later in the day.


The picture above is from when we got there at 9:50.  It only takes an hour for us to get there from our home in NE Bend.  You can see that the “beach” is pretty decent but that is dirt not sand.  This is Central Oregon after all.  This lake is at about 5000′ elevation so be sure to bring lots of sunscreen.


This is a picture of our new floatie.  The official name is the Relaxation Station but we are close to settling on naming it either The Barge or The Island.  Another thing I really like about this lake is that they have an air compressor I can use to inflate water toys.  I don’t want to think about how painful it might have been to inflate this thing with a hand pump.  You can also rent paddle boats if you forgot your floatie.

If you would like to see ideas for other fun things to do in Bend and Central Oregon please visit our website.  The list is constantly expanding and if you have ideas for things that should be added please share them with us.

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