72,000 Square Foot House in Missouri

The Today Show ran a story this morning about a 72,000 square foot house being built in Missouri.  They say it is being built on an isolated mountaintop.  Looks like a bump in an otherwise flat landscape to me.  At any rate, this home will be the fourth largest in the United States.  Larger than the White House and Hearst Castle.  All of the exterior walls (and some interior) are made of concrete.  Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are quite energy efficient but to make sure they don’t have a monthly utility bill of thousands of dollars the owner is installing radiant heat and cooling systems powered by solar panels.  Their hope is to actually not need any electricity from the power company.

The owner has not disclosed how much he expects the project to cost but we can take a guess.  Most homes in Central Oregon are built for around $120/sqft.  Assuming this home will have state of the art everything I think it would be conservative to say the cost per square foot will be at least $250.  That pencils out to $18 million for 72,000 square feet.  Of course that doesn’t even take furnishings or the cost of the land into consideration.

Out of curiosity I looked up the biggest homes for sale in Deschutes County.  I found two that are right around 11,000 square feet.  Prices for these homes are $3.3 million for a house on 42 acres and $5.9 million for a house on 11 acres.  Needless to say, these are beautiful homes.  If you would like to see a customized list of homes for sale that are larger than 5,000 square feet please give us a call.  We would be happy to help with your home search in whatever way we can.  You can also search Bend MLS and set the criteria for the size of the home to whatever you want.

I tried to embed the video but for some reason it isn’t working and comes up with a Jedi Kitten video.  So if you would like to watch the video of this story you will have to follow this link.


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