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Encouraging Numbers for Investors

Following up on a post last week about investors buying more homes.  Freddie Mac issued a press release October 17th that lends some numerical evidence as to why investors are buying more homes.  In that release they refer to Census Bureau numbers reporting a net increase of 1.4 million households that moved into rental housing over […]

Bend Applebee’s: Should Have Known Better

  Actually, we did know better but we went to Applebee’s for dinner last night anyway.  Cold side dishes and poor service are the norm at Applebee’s in Bend and apparently throughout Oregon.  We know this.  But some times convenience and price out-weigh rational thinking.  Last night we thought we might get lucky so we took […]

Investors Are Buying More Homes

I have been saying for months, now is the time for investors to be buying homes.  Now we are seeing evidence that they are doing just that.  I would like to say that it’s because they are listening to me but I don’t have that much influence nationally.  The National Association of Realtors is reporting that […]

Refinance Program Overhaul

  Yesterday (10/24/11) President Obama announced plans to overhaul the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).  HARP was originally introduced by President Obama shortly after he took office in 2009.  It was scheduled to expire in June 2012 but now will be extended through the end of 2013.  The goal of HARP is to help borrowers […]

Great Vacation Rental Just South of Sunriver Resort

  We just added a great vacation rental this week that is just a few miles south of Sunriver Resort.  Don’t fight the crowds and high rental prices in Sunriver this winter season.  You will be hard pressed to find a house this nice that is still available for the holidays and at this price ($125/night) I […]

Social Media and Real Estate Transactions

The more social media becomes entwined in our lives the more opportunity we have to really mess things up.  We have all heard about how many, if not most, employers keep tabs on their employees’ Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds but have you ever considered how social media can affect a real estate transaction?  Social media […]

More Homes in Short Sale

  A week ago I wrote about a Bank of America program designed to encourage short sales in Florida.  Programs such as this signify a shift in banks’ approach to short sales and foreclosures.  RealtyTrac reports that the number of short sales approved by banks rose in the second quarter of this year while the length […]

Mortgage Interest Deduction On Its Way Out?

  It appears that ending the mortgage interest tax deduction is being discussed in Washington as a way to reduce the budget deficit.  The mortgage interest deduction allows homeowners to lower tax bills by deducting interest on home mortgages from their taxable income. Interest on up to $1 million in mortgages on first and second […]

WSJ: It’s Time to Buy

I found an article in the Wall Street Journal this weekend that supports what I have been saying for a few months:  Now is the time to buy homes.  This article supports its claims with two main points:  1.)  The ratio of home prices to yearly rents has almost returned to pre-bubble levels.  2.)  Homes are […]

This Weekend in Bend

There are no big festivals happening this weekend but there were a few things on the calendar that caught my eye.  The first was the Zombie Walk in Redmond.  Dress up like a Zombie and walk with fellow un-dead citizens through downtown Redmond this evening (Friday 10/14) at 5 pm.  Registration begins at 4 pm […]