100 Posts and Counting!


I didn’t realize it until I had already pressed “publish” but yesterday was the 100th post to our blog.  Thank you all for being so kind as to read it from time to time.  In honor of our 100th post, plus the fact that it is the end of the year, I thought I would share my favorite posts since we started this thing in June.


My very first post was about a house for sale in NE Bend.  Believe it or not, this house is still for sale.  The price is now down to $115,000 but there is still plenty of work to be done.

I followed it up a few days later with another post that included pictures of the interior.  Looking around the inside of this house I had to wonder if perhaps the prior owners had been raptured.  


All I did was find the video for this next post but it is amazing what a little creativity and engineering can do to make a 344 sqft apartment feel much larger.

As realtors, we love this next post.  The creator of ForSaleByOwner.com couldn’t sell his New York condo on his own.  He needed a realtor to get the job done.

Americans love big homes, right?  Well this house brings new meaning to BIG.

Who would have thought that homes would be one of the multitude of online products to be deeply discounted on Cyber Monday?

I don’t write a whole lot of restaurant reviews because my focus is information about buying and selling homes in Central Oregon.  However, Brickhouse in Bend is my new favorite restaurant and by default my favorite post about restaurants in Bend.

I asked Becky what her favorite post of the year was and she said it was the post we didn’t do about the 44 pound fish she caught on the Rogue River this fall.  While we didn’t post it to the blog we did write about it in our monthly email.


Thank you again for following this blog.  We hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend and a prosperous New Year.  Dan and Becky.



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