10 Barrel Brew Pub

Seems like everyone’s favorite place to eat in Bend lately is 10 Barrel Pub.  Becky and I stopped by there for lunch yesterday.  Of course we ate outside on their big patio.  It was about as perfect a day for eating outside as you could have.  Bright sunshine but only about 70 degrees.  Fortunately it wasn’t crowded and we didn’t have to wait for a table.  If you go in the late afternoon or early evening be prepared to wait.  Especially if the weather is nice.

I had the Better with Bacon Chicken Sandwich ($11) from their specials menu.  It had a thin chicken breast pattie, lettuce, tomato, gorgonzola cheese, a couple slices of bacon and grilled onions.  It was served with fries but for $2 you can substitute soup or salad.  I stuck with the fries.   I’m not usually a chicken sandwich fan but this sandwich was fantastic.  Becky had their Grilled Chicken Spinach salad ($11).  She loves it.  In addition to the chicken and spinach there are kalamata olives, cherries, candied walnuts, Roma tomatos, and marinated mozarella with basalmic vinagrette dressing.  They filled a full size dinner plate with the salad.  There was so much that she brought about half of it home.  We both had their Sasquatch Session Ale.  It is a decent light ale but our table served as a sort of “hot plate” warming our beer while we ate.  Maybe our priorities were a little off but the food was so good we both had a tough time putting it down to drink the beer.

Ambience – Fun, almost festive.  Definitely West Side.  Roll up garage doors on two sides of the building.  Re-used (what looks like) barn siding on much of the exterior of the building
Service – friendly, at times too busy to respond in a timely manner
Food quality – Excellent food.  Their beers are good but I haven’t heard anyone call them great.
Prices – In line with what you would expect in that area.  Menu
Recommedation – A great place to go, especially if you like patio dining.  Be prepared to wait for a table if you go in the late afternoon or evening.

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